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A Great Source for Free CLE Online: LexVid

by Admin on November 8, 2012

Around November, I always start worrying about whether I’ve met my CLE requirements for the year, but it is always so difficult to find the time in my schedule to be away from the office for a day or even half day. I came across the LexVid website which offers a number of free online CLE courses, several of which I found to be approved by the Tennessee Commission on Continuing Legal Education and Specialization (TCCLES).

The following list includes the course title, TCCLES course number, hours approved, description from the website and hyperlink to the course.

Chapter 11 Reorganizations: A General Overview of Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Terminology
TCCLES Course Number 116661
Dual: 0.00 E/P: 0.00 Gen: 1.13

Today’s sluggish economy has sparked a surge in bankruptcy filings. This program is designed as an introduction to Chapter 11 filings. Esteemed bankruptcy attorney, Pia Thompson, examines common issues involved in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy and lays out several strategies for tackling the typical Chapter 11 case. Be sure to download the companion handout, which provides a wealth of additional information that program viewers can reference time and time again.

Attorney-Client Privilege and the Duty of Confidentiality
TCCLES Course Number 116663
Dual: 0.00 E/P: 0.00 Gen: 1.25

Focusing on California’s ethical rules and case law, this program instructs viewers on how to ethically handle matters concerning client communications and avoid breeches of the duty of confidentiality.

Elimination of Bias in The Practice of Law
TCCLES Course Number 116664
Dual: 0.00 E/P: 0.00 Gen: 1.00

Whether because of race, sex, religion, or some other personal characteristic, bias does exist in the legal profession. Such bias runs afoul of attorneys’ ethical obligations and, in many cases, is unlawful. This program is designed to help attorneys combat this issue, giving them the tools needed to identify and put an end to bias within courtrooms and law firms. Ms. Patrick provides viewers with a number of real-world examples and discusses the legal and ethical authorities that deal with bias, such as the federal anti-discrimination statutes and the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Getting In, Getting Out, Getting Paid: Fee Agreements, Withdraw as Counsel, Fee Arbitrations
TCCLES Course Number 116665
Dual: 0.00 E/P: 0.00 Gen: 2.00

This program gives viewers a wealth of information regarding the practical, legal and ethical implications of client/attorney fee arrangements in California. Topics include: how to properly handle fee agreements, focusing specifically on California’s ethics rules and codes; attorney/client fiduciary relationships; unconscionability; prohibited fee arrangements; multiple client representation; agreement modification; counsel substitutions; fee sharing; how to properly decline representation; withdrawal provisions in fee agreements; what to do in contingency cases; when withdraw is required by operation of law; and fee disputes.

Insurance Law Fundamentals
TCCLES Course Number 116666
Dual: 0.00 E/P: 0.00 Gen: 1.27

Learning the nuts and bolts of insurance law is the first step toward successfully litigating claims involving insurance disputes. In this program, our accomplished presenters give attorneys with little experience in insurance law, as well as those looking for a refresher course, the knowledge they need to confidently tackle an insurance case. This program is for litigators, transactional attorneys, and in-house counsel who encounter insurance related issues in their practice. Topics of this program include: * The Duty to Defend * Indemnity * Umbrella and Excess Insurance * Bad Faith Issues * Subrogation

Short Sales & Other Options to Avoid Foreclosure
TCCLES Course Number 116667
Dual: 0.00 E/P: 0.00 Gen: 1.70

With the housing market still in a slump, more and more buyers and lenders are considering short sales as a way to avoid foreclosure. This program will give attorneys the tools they need to effectively advise their clients on avoiding a foreclosure, providing special emphasis on the short sale. Our highly experienced presenters cover a range of topics, including the current state of the U.S. housing crisis, foreclosure prevention programs, short sale issues, and how to handle a short sale from beginning to end. The final section focuses on the tax consequences of debt cancellations and how these consequences can be mitigated in regard to a short sale.

Substance Abuse: A Clinical & Ethical Perspective
TCCLES Course Number 116668
Dual: 1.02 E/P: 0.00 Gen: 0.00

This program informs viewers of the dangers of substance abuse and the negative effects it can have on an attorney’s professional efficacy. Using California as an example, Mr. King highlights the actions an attorney must take to ethically comply with his or her ethical obligations as it relates to substance abuse. The program also addresses the symptoms of chemical dependency and provides a detailed discussion of proven treatment options. Finally, Mr. King addresses the impacts a DUI conviction can have on an attorney.

Substance Abuse & the Legal Profession
TCCLES Course Number 116669
Dual: 1.00 E/P: 0.00 Gen: 0.00

This program highlights the dangers of addiction in the legal profession. Ms. Langford addresses topics such as the substantial prevalence of addiction in the legal profession, the science behind addiction, the different effect addiction can have between genders and personality types, and the often overlooked addictions of sex and gambling.

Business Succession Planning
TCCLES Course Number 116670
Dual: 0.00 E/P: 0.00 Gen: 1.00

This program is a must for estate planning and business attorneys. Viewers will learn how to effectively plan for the orderly transfer of management and ownership of their clients’ businesses. Esteemed author and presenter, Louis Mezzullo of Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps, will provide helpful strategies on how to avoid unwanted liquidation at death and how to avoid unnecessary taxes. The comprehensive 30 page handout that accompanies this program provides a wealth of information that viewers can reference time and time again.

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